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10 Best 5W30 Synthetic Oil in 2021 – Reviewed by Expert Users

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When you purchase a vehicle, you know how important it is to change the oil with the right substance. In this article, we will be talking about the best 5W-30 synthetic oil money can buy. Now, there are a ton of options out there on the open market. These options can be exciting for some, but mostly overwhelming for others. That is why we are here today to help with this topic.

For many people, their vehicle is their pride and joy. Why not treat it that way with the best motor oil? Even if you do not clean up your vehicle very often, it needs new motor oil to survive. If not, you can expect to have a dead car in no time at all.

In this article, we will talk about all the best options to consider, how to make the right decision with the buyer’s guide, and answer some other frequently asked questions. So, let us dive into the buyer’s guide, shall we?



Best 5W30 Synthetic Oils: Editor’s Top Picks


Things To Consider When Buying 5W30 Synthetic Oil 


Synthetic Oil Buying Guide


Now that you know the right products to choose from with your motor oil, it is important to know what attributes make it great. Below are the best qualities to consider when you make your choice. This way, you will have a positive experience that you can tell others about.

  • 1. Knowing Oil’s Compatibility

One of the most important things about motor oil is its compatibility. This is super crucial for you and your vehicle for a few reasons. First, you need to know if the oil fits due to the fuel type. Engines consume motor oil differently, so check to see if your oil is for diesel or gasoline.

One of the best compatible options on the market is Liqui Moly, but many other brands fit the bill, too. There is even a brand out there called Speedol that we have not talked about to this point.

However, if you are going for specificity, then pick the exact motor oil your vehicle needs. This will give you the best chance to be successful. If you do not focus on this area, the results could be detrimental to you and your vehicle. The results could vary from lack of performance to destroying your engine altogether.

  • 2. The Right Viscocity

Viscocity is not something you should scoff at either. When you are dealing with viscosity, you will be talking about the thickness of your motor oil, as a complete substance. The thicker the oil, the better it is here.

When you have a thicker oil, you have better lubrication. As you have a better-lubricated engine, then you get the parts moving in your engine like never before. In turn, your engine will last longer and longer.

Do be aware of when the oil starts to thin out. This can happen when temperatures are at their highest, and viscosity will start to deteriorate. When your viscosity starts to be limited, your engine will start to be less effective whenever your car idles or when the vehicle is moving at high speeds.

  • 3. Adding Those Additives

In every kind of 5W-30 oil, there are additives that you need to understand. Some additives help prevent oil leaks, while others make sure deposits do not build up in the engine itself. When you are aware of what additives you have in your motor oil, then you can realize what your oil is doing to help your engine in the first place.

You can also use the right additive to help when you are having specific engine problems. So, do yourself a favor, and check and know the additives before you buy that motor oil.

  • 4. Branding

Branding is something else to pay attention to. With so many brands out there on the market today, it can be a bit confusing on what to choose. Some brands have been out for over a century, while others have been around for a few decades.

But, at the end of the day, brands are important in the buying process. When you buy a well-known product, there are usually more reviews, comments, and positives about a product. Big does not always mean better, but a lot of people certainly buy their product because they are in the place they are today.

So, stay away from unknown brands, even if they are cheaper. Cheaper does not always mean better.

  • 5. The Price Is Right

Speaking of price, there are a variety of prices out there when it comes to price. Some motor oils cost a lot, but you do not have to change the oil out for a whole year. Then, some motor oils are cheaper, but you have to replace the oil every four to six months.

Pick something that works for you, your schedule, and your pocketbook. Then, you can go out into the world with the best confidence in town because of your well-throughout purchase.

  • 6. Wanting That Warranty

Warranty is the last thing you have to think about when it comes to the world of motor oil. In this part of the business mecca, there are few warranties for motor oil. The reasoning is unknown, but some believe that motor oil companies do not want to be liable if an engine goes bad.

People all over the place would say their old car broke down due to the oil when it probably was because they did not take great care of it.

However, if you can find a warranty on motor oil, like Quaker State, go for it. Still, know that you will pay more for a warranty in the price you pay. But, do what is right for you and your vehicle.


Top 10 Best 5W30 Synthetic Oil Reviews:


Below are the top-10 5W-30 motor oils. You truly will not need to look anywhere else because they have all the quality you will want in motor oil. We will start with Valvoline.


1. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil


Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil


This 5-quart motor oil is some of the best motor oil on the market today. For best practices, make sure to follow any manufacturer’s recommendation. By using this motor oil, your engine will be sparkling clean and sludge will be no more. There is even varnish protection.

The protection is also great for extra high temperatures. Your engine will be protected, even if you live in the state of Arizona during the summer. However, the engine is also protected in the coldest of environments as well. So, even at the start-up of your car, your engine will be protected from the get-go.

If you are looking for better fuel efficiency, this motor oil is a must. Then, you can expect to save some money here and there. As a fully-comparable product, it matches up against the best conventional and synthetic motor oils. There are even other viscosity oils if you have another vehicle to protect as well.


  • The product only weighs 9 pounds
  • Fights any deposits in the engine
  • Ideal for cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Comes in an easy-pour bottle
  • The tube of oil will never stop up
  • Made in the United States of America


  • Oil can leak out if the cap is not attached appropriately
  • Has a darker consistency than most motor oils

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2. Mobil 1 5W-30 Motor Oil


Mobil 1 5W-30 Motor Oil


Another best synthetic oil comes to us from Mobil 1. You certainly get the best performance when you follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations. But, the oil speaks for itself.

When used properly, you will see results as you have never seen in your car before. With the help of a fully synthetic formula, sludge will be no match for this product. Deposits also will not be an issue for you. Think of the extended engine life you will get from using this product.

With quality lubrication and protection against wear and tear, you will be protected, no matter how you drive your vehicle. The stability for oxidational and thermal environments is also a major plus. The frictional properties are nothing to scoff at either. When changed appropriately, your motor oil will help to protect your vehicle’s engine for years to come.

Lastly, you can expect your fuel economy to go up. You know how great it would be to save a little money at the gas pump, so give this motor oil a try. There will be no disappointment in the slightest.


  • Handles cold weather with ease
  • Aids to your engine’s life
  • The three-pack only weighs 27.9 pounds
  • Still serviced by the manufacturer
  • Lives up to ILSAC GF-5 performance standards
  • The oil is Dexos1 licensed


  • It is expensive compared to other options
  • The oil does not last as long as other alternatives

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3. Royal Purple ROY11748 HMX SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil


Royal Purple ROY11748 HMX SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil


Royal Purple also makes one of the best full synthetic oil 5W-30 options on the market. Always make sure to check the owner’s manual for your car’s needs, but Royal Purple has great recommendations as well.

This oil is specifically created to help engines that have over 75,000 miles or more on them. In turn, you will get a product that can restore any lost performance from the year’s past. The substance does this by using zinc and phosphorus that is used as an anti-wear combination. It is additives like this that make Royal Purple truly special.

HMX is another substance Royal Purple uses to help your precious engine. This chemical helps to harden any seals, so your engine does not lose valuable pressure to aid performance. Also, you will not lose oil being wasted. Friction and other metal-to-metal issues will not arise when using this Royal Purple product.

Oxidation resistance is something you will love about this motor oil as well. The oil will safely drain and not cause havoc on your vehicle. You will be protected to the utmost degree, and wear and tear will not happen when you start your vehicle. Check this oil out for all your high mileage needs.


  • The product only weighs 10 pounds
  • Ideal for any 4-cylinder engines
  • Meets API warranty standards
  • The sheerness is unparallelled
  • The noise level will be minimized with the help of this oil
  • This motor oil has amazing longevity


  • Not a Group IV oil
  • The lead levels in this oil are higher than most

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4. Castrol 03559 Edge 5W-30 C3 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil


Castrol 03559 Edge 5W-30 C3 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil


Castrol is another leading brand in the world of motor oil. As one of the best 5W-30 synthetic motor oil varieties, Castrol combines quality and power with any vehicle. Castrol prides itself on making a motor oil that fits the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Specifically, this oil is for BMWs, Mercedes, and Volkswagens, but it can be used for a variety of makes and models as well. By limiting temperature issues and high-shear viscosity, you will get the proper protection that you deserve in motor oil.

There is also a diesel application if you need it. This way, you can also keep any 4-cylinder engine in complete tune. It is great to know there are European engineers out there that care about your vehicle, no matter the brand. Luckily, this motor oil meets all the standards, as well, from AP to Dexos2.

At only 9.38 pounds, this motor oil barely weighs anything at all, meaning it will not weigh down your engine to aid in overall performance. This is great news for you!

Also, you can bet there will not be any friction coming from your engine. This means there will be no metal-to-metal contact, due to the thin layer of micro protection this oil brings.


  • Expect increased fuel economy and horsepower
  • Uses anti-wear technology
  • Your oil will behave well under pressure
  • This oil can hand 10 tons per square inch of pressure
  • Oil film strengthens protection by 30%
  • Ten times stronger against the highest of temperatures


  • The oil is quite dirty when a change is needed
  • No II-01 markings on the container

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5. Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil


Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil


You cannot leave Liqui Moly out of the conversation for the best 5W-30 synthetic oil. Coming in 1-liter or 5-liter varieties, there are plenty of oil options to consider. Liqui Moly recommends that you check out your owner’s manual to make sure you have the right oil in mind, but the company believes they are a solid choice.

At only 10 pounds of weight, this oil is light as a feather and will act that way in your vehicle of choice as well. Since this product has not been discontinued by the manufacturer, you can bet that you will get amazing customer service from Liqui Moly, too.

Also, as an all-seasons option, this synthetic motor oil is perfect if you have a gasoline-based vehicle or one that runs on diesel.

Lastly, this product follows Euro 4 emissions requirements, so there will be no need to worry about this product running in your vehicle. If you are a low mileage driver, you only need to change out the oil every two years. However, if you drive a little more frequently, change every six to twelve months.


  • Perfect for reducing any friction
  • Wear and tear will be non-existent
  • Aids in fuel economy
  • You will get fast oil penetration with this option
  • Made in the country of Germany
  • The packaging is neat and compassionately wrapped


  • The oil can only be shipped by UPS Ground
  • Cannot be sold outside the United States of America

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6. Motul 8100 X-Clean EFE 5W-30 Synthetic Oil


Motul 8100 X-Clean EFE 5W-30 Synthetic Oil


Motul is another brand that most people have not heard of, but this motor oil is for real. The first thing you want to know about this motor oil is the fact that it lives up to all OEM manufacturers.

As one of the best synthetic oils in the business, this substance handles wear and tear with ease, as well as high-temperature resistance. Specifically, this motor oil is perfect for Hyundai, Subaru, Nissan, Kia, and Honda models. Even BMWs, GMs, Mercedes, and VWs work well with this oil in use.

With added fuel economy, this is something that you will love in this amazing lubricant. As the perfect protection and efficiency, you get the best motor oil around. At only 9.87 pounds, this motor oil is about as light as they come.

Since the product follows API and ACEA standards, you can bet that you will have the best protection around. With the help of friction modifiers, you will never have metal-to-metal issues.

Lastly, oil consumption will be down when you use this product. That is good news for you because you will save more money in the long run. It is the kind of efficiency and protection that you deserve from motor oil.


  • Resistant to the oil film
  • Has extra high shear stability
  • The packaging is a cut above
  • The thickness of oil is better for your engine
  • You will get better mileage with this oil
  • You will change your oil less with this option


  • Your engine might not be smoother like you want it
  • It Will not make your engine quieter

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7. Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil


Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil


For some of the best performances around, this Royal Purple 5W-30 is the best. With better protection to wear and tear, you can bet purple motor oil is the right choice for you and your vehicle. Fuel efficiency is also something you will certainly see when riding around in your vehicle.

As both a lubricant and fluid, you will get the best protection you ever thought possible. Even on the most expensive of catalytic systems, this oil can have you covered. Your compatibility with other fuels will also be a positive experience, no matter you are dealing with ethanol or otherwise. This is truly some of the best protection against corrosion around.

Lastly, at only eight pounds, this motor oil will not hold you back. Some do not have the performance to back up the label. Royal Purple will not be a problem for you in the slightest.

Since the product has not to be discontinued, and it has been around for almost a decade, you can trust Royal Purple. Being shipped anywhere in the United States of America gives this product a wide reach.


  • Meets the Dexos1 requirements
  • Works with synthetic or mineral oils
  • Engine oil will not leak
  • The longevity of this oil is astounding
  • You will get better gas mileage with this product
  • Amazing value for the money you pay


  • Cannot be shipped out the United States of America
  • You have to wait until diesel engines have 8,000 to 10,000 miles on them before using this product

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8. AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil


AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil


AmazonBasics lives up to its name by making a fully synthetic quality product. Since the product is for high mileage, use this only on vehicles that have over 75,000 miles. This will help with drain intervals, and corrosion and rust will be prevented in the meantime.

Friction is something you will not have to deal with either. With the highest resistance towards viscosity, there will be no thermal breakdown in the future.

If you are a fan of helping out the environment, AmazonBasics motor oil puts off fewer exhaust emissions, which is perfect for saving the world. Also, if you have other vehicles that use different grades of oil, check out AmazonBasics for 5W-40, 10W-30, 10W-30, 20W-50, and much more.

At just over nine pounds, the oil weighs about the same as other models on the list. That means a lightweight, but powerful substance to help run your vehicle.

Also, with the approval of Dexos1, ILSAC, and API, you are protected by oil that cares about its consumers and how well the substance performs. Lastly, this oil can hold up in the harshest of temperatures. This means the product can hold up between 20 to 100 degrees Celcius.


  • It Will certainly improve your gas mileage
  • You will have to change out your oil less and less
  • The sheerness is second to none
  • This package is very sharp
  • One of the best bangs for your buck
  • Will protect even the most abused of engines


  • The box can get smooshed
  • The product does not have a clear strip to see how much motor is left

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9. Red Line 5W-30 Motor Oil


Red Line 5W-30 Motor Oil


Still, looking for motor oil that is ideal for a car or truck? Well, then you need to check out Red Line motor oil. They certainly do live up to recommendations for any vehicle on the market today.

One thing that sets Red Line apart from most is the fact that they have a few options to help you out, from 1-gallon to 1-quart. Additionally, they have created one of the lightest motor oil fuels around at only 7.08 pounds.

Also, this product has not been discounted by Red Line, so you get great customer service if you ever need it. If you want to get this motor oil fast, you can get it quickly anywhere in the 50 states of America. However, it is a little more challenging to ship outside of America.

Lastly, check out this motor oil in BMWs, GMs, Nissans, VWs, Audis, and much more. The oil is regulated for API and ACEA certifications as well. What cannot this oil do?


  • The flashpoint is at 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The oil can be replaced once a year
  • Improved mileage for sure
  • Great information out there from Red Line to help you with your product
  • It Will help make your engine quieter
  • The burn of your motor oil is quite limited


  • Will not last additionally competed to other OTC oils
  • Pricey compared to other options on the market today

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10. Quaker State Advanced Durability Conventional 5W-30 Motor Oil


Quaker State Advanced Durability Conventional 5W-30 Motor Oil


No matter what kind of owner’s manual you have, they will be alright with your using Quaker State motor oil. Since this oil protects against acidic issues, as well as corrosion, you will get some of the best 5W-30 synthetic oil around town. This means that you will have added protection wherever you roam.

Add a North American warranty to this product, and you get an oil that few can compare to. There are even standards to aid European and Japanese models. With the help of great viscosity, this oil has a great draining period. Are you wanting a better fuel economy to boot? Quaker State is surely for you then. It handles the GF-5 standards with ease to make this ultimately possible.


  • The product only weighs 10.38 pounds
  • Ideal for cars
  • The wear protection is three times better than other leading brands
  • Can handle engines that have already been abused
  • Works best when the vehicle is idling
  • The thickness means added protection


  • This oil is not meant for trucks
  • The delivery time is not very quick

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What Type Of Synthetic Oil Do I Need?


Synthetic Oil Type


When it comes to synthetic oils, there are two options to consider. There is fully synthetic motor oil, as well as synthetic motor oil. Fully synthetic oil is all about lubrication. They are usually better than other oil blends.

Now, the price may be higher for a fully synthetic option, but it is the better of the two options if you can afford it. But, if you are running your engine hot with the highest of performances, you need fully synthetic. We are talking towing, hauling, racing, and much more.

On the other hand, traditional synthetic oil is perfect if you are just using your vehicle simply and normally like the rest of the world. Some of you are not racing your vehicles at all times or towing things every day. Then, the synthetic option is for you. The oil will certainly be cheaper. Still, if you can afford it, go for the all-out full synthetic.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Synthetic Oil FAQs


As we get close to wrapping up this article, we would be remiss if there was not a section on frequently asked questions. We have compiled the best ones that most people ask. This way, you will not have to worry about a thing.

  • 1. What do all the random letter orders on my motor oil bottle mean?

There are letters on the bottle of your motor oil to express what standards the product has met. For example, the API is standards for commercial and passenger-rated vehicles. After the API letters, there will be more letters. Letter pairs like SL and SM speak to the quality of the motor oil that you are purchasing.

However, the highest standard of motor oil for passenger cars is SN. For diesel requirements, you will see “CF.” This “C” is also involved in commercial vehicles with the top standard being CJ-4.

  • 2. Can my engine get destroyed if I move from synthetic to conventional oil?

Luckily for you, your engine will not be damaged in the slightest. You may lose some protection in the process, as well as fuel economy, performance, and overall longevity of your engine. Also, you need to know that not all oil types are created as equals. Since some oils were not built to be mixed, you may have to drain out your old oil, if you are mixing a new version.

  • 3. Do unopened motor oils have a shelf life?

This question depends on the manufacturer. Some brands that are unopened have an unlimited time you can own it, or the companies say. On the other hand, you can take Mobil 1’s honesty to the bank, saying the product can last up to five years.

Better to be safe rather than sorry here. Can you imagine if you put “new” motor oil in your vehicle and your engine was ruined? That would certainly be one of the worst days of your lifetime. Nevertheless, make sure that you read what the container has to say and follow the information diligently. The manufacturer might even have an expiration date that you would least expect.

  • 4. Can some motor oils be used to 15,000 miles?

With the help of the best additives on planet Earth and other synthetic innovations, you can do this without causing damage to your precious engine. But, do stay true to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Now, do pay attention to the fact that changing your oil depends on the type of vehicle you own. Someone owning a sedan will have a different changing schedule than a truck. So, the rule of thumb is heading over to your owner’s manual. When you use the right oil that is recommended, the product will make all the difference in your vehicle. Then, you can tell all your friends about it.


Final Verdict

Now that you have gone through the best 5W-30 synthetic oil, it is time for you to make your decision. How exciting! The world is at your disposal, and you have all the power and control of the situation. This should be reassuring knowing that you have nothing to lose.

There are even products out there that will give you a trial run, and if you are not convinced, then they will give you money back. But, check into this before you make your purchase. Nothing would be worse if the guarantee was something you thought and not actually in writing. Best of luck in your 5W-30 motor oil search. Then, you can just enjoy the vehicle like you are supposed to.

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