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The Best Beyblades in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you’re reading this article, then you either already know what a Beyblade is and are looking for the best Beyblade to buy, or you are a parent whose child keeps asking for one and you are here to find out what they are and how to choose the right one. Either way, we are here to help.

Beyblade is a simple, fun game played by two people going head-to-head using spinning tops inside the stadium. During each match, players get to choose three or more Beyblades each. However, they can only use a single one of the three chosen Beyblades during each match.

Each top has specific features that make it different from others, such as design, color, etc. This enables the players to easily tell the difference between them. When one of the players’ Beyblades stops spinning or is out of the stadium, their opponent is awarded a point, and the first one to get seven points wins.

So now that you know the basics of how the game works, let’s help you pick the ultimate Beyblades so you can conquer them all!



Best Beyblades: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 19 Best Beyblade Reviews:


1. Beyblade Burst Attack

BEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set...

This Beyblade burst avatar top brings a whole lot of wild fun to the base stadium. The attack battle set includes everything you need to get the game started, including two Beyblade burst avatars and accessories.

The stadium atmosphere is designed for amazing battle patterns and the Beyblade burst top can actually burst into pieces during battle although burst rates may vary. Ideal for ages eight and up, this battle set is a great one to get for anyone who loves serious battles and wants to win.

Inside this pack, you get very helpful performance tips and instructions from the manufacturer. You can also scan the code located on the energy layers of your Beyblade burst top in order to unleash your tops within the Beyblade burst app.

In the app, you’ll be able to play using some awesome new creations, making this undoubtedly the best Beyblade burst you’ll find on the market today.

Highlighted Features

  • These tops can burst into many pieces during battle
  • You can customize your Beyblade collection
  • Comes with Beyblade attack base stadium accessories
  • Includes helpful hints and instructions for enhanced play
  • High-quality toy offered at an incredible price

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2. Takaratomy Beyblade B-48

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This Beyblade from the Takaratomy brand will allow you to test your skills against even the best of the best fighters. It is made completely from high-quality plastic that is durable and won’t break easily. This bey doesn’t even have a lot of metal on the disk since it has to be extremely light and fast.

The layer is designed to be a little off-balance in order to increase its attack. This is a burst Beyblade, which means that it can break apart during battle. If you’re looking for a really good attack type Beyblade, this one will burst other beys so quickly and they won’t know what hit them.

This is the perfect starter pack for anyone who wants to have a collection of Beyblade bursts tops. It also comes with a launcher that has phenomenal power.

Highlighted Features

  • Official product sold by Takaratomy
  • Beyblade doesn’t contain an NFC chip
  • High-quality, durable, all-plastic construction
  • Attack-type Beyblade designed to devastate
  • Comes with a powerful launcher

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3. Takara Tomy Balance

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For anyone who’s searching for the ultimate balance Beyblade model, this is a great one for you to consider. It’s the heaviest metal weir you’ll find out there and it’s packed full of awesome attacking power.

With this Beyblade top, you’ll give yourself the best chance of winning all your battles because it’s equipped with automatic threat change which means you can now be a match for even your biggest rivals.

The set includes a light launcher that comes with a ripcord that will help you make the climb to the top at maximum speeds. You can powerfully eject your top into the high-quality plastic arena where you will be engaged in the battle.

This Beyblade series is customizable thanks to the interchangeable parts. This is a firm favorite of many, with a lot of online reviews stating how beautiful and awesome this bey is. If you want a bey top that is extremely powerful, devastating, and durable, then this is the top for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Beyblades balance type (attack and stamina)
  • Features a unique 4D system
  • Set includes a light launcher and winder
  • Takara Tomy Nemesis X:D with right spin bey
  • Great for kids aged 6 and older

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4. Takara Tomy Stamina

Takara Tomy B-59 Beyblade Burst Stamina...

This is the second Beyblade toy on our list from this brand and there is a very good reason for that. Takara Tomy is committed to producing high-quality, durable, and functional toys packed with exciting features.

For anyone who loves playing Beyblade with their friends, you’ll find that this is the perfect set to get because these toys give you the best chance of winning your battles. This particular set comes with everything you need to get the game going, including the launching device which has a ripcord to make the top go fast.

You can rest assured that yours will be the last top spinning thanks to the innovative design and great craftsmanship. This Beyblade also comes with interchangeable parts.

This means that you can collect, customize, and compete with others to make this experience even more fun. If you’re searching for the ultimate stamina type Beyblade, then this could be the ideal one for your needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Takara Tony fusion pedal top starter
  • Hybrid wheel system
  • Right spin bey
  • Includes light launcher and a winder
  • Great for kids aged six and above

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5. Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals

Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Battle Set...

Beyblade burst toys can ‘burst’ into multiple pieces which means that the player who is left standing gets two points. The tips on these tops are interchangeable with other tops giving you the ultimate customization opportunities.

This set comes with everything you need to get started battling others and you’re even able to scan with the Beyblade app for even more fun. The set also comes with convenient performance tips that will help you spin and battle your way to the top.

Swap components between different tops and create unique, customized burst tops. The forged discs, performance tips, and energy layers of this Beyblade burst top are all interchangeable. This means countless hours of fun for everyone who wants to let it rip!

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality, competitive peddling tops
  • Set includes all accessories necessary for battle
  • Attack type top with a right spin
  • Beyblade tops can burst into multiple pieces
  • Easy to collect, customize, compete, and more

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6. Beyblade Metal Fury

Beyblade Metal Fury Beylocker Case

If you want to be successful as a Beyblade fighter, then you need to be prepared for any type of eventuality. And that’s where this Beyblade burst set comes in. This set includes a metal fury Bey locker case so you can store all your tops and parts in one place.

The case has enough space for a ripcord launcher and 10 tops. This means that you’ll always be ready to take on any opponents at a moment’s notice. This opens up a whole new exciting universe of collecting Beyblades and customizing them.

Between the tops in the Beywheelz battlers, you will be able to get the best of both worlds by collecting multipiece tops and customizing them for battle in your arenas or stadiums. With this set, you’ll have an easier time planning your strategy and assembling your customized creations to optimize each of your battle plans.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality Bey locker case to keep tops secure
  • Includes five-piece Torch Aries defense top
  • The case holds a ripcord launcher and 10 Beyblade tops
  • Other tops and ripcord launchers are sold separately
  • Includes instructions, assembly tool, and collector card

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7. Takaratomy Beyblade Burst

Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-79 Starter...

Beyblade burst is the third generation of this popular Japanese Beyblade franchise. With this toy, you’ll be able to play against opponents in serious tournaments to test your skills. The set comes with everything you need so you can start your battles right away.

This Beyblade top is amazing and overpowering. It has been described by some players as being a ‘beast’. It comes with the necessary launcher but this bey will win even if you hand-spin it.

With left spinning and convenient rubber bumpers, you can be sure that you won’t be losing any pedals with this bey. It absolutely destroys everything in its path making it a necessary addition to your bey arsenal. In addition to all the amazing features, it also looks super cool and comes in amazing colors.

Highlighted Features

  • Official product sold by Takaratomy brand
  • Beyblade doesn’t contain an NFC chip
  • Comes brand-new inside retail packaging
  • Includes powerful Beyblade launcher
  • Super-powered top that destroys all others

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8. Beyblade Burst Evolution

BEYBLADE Burst Evolution Multicolor

This exclusive Beyblade battle set features the shadow snake pit. It’s a great product that would make the ideal gift for any kids aged six and older. In fact, there are a lot of adults who have been known to play this game for hours, which means that it is for everyone, really.

If you want to keep busy with things other than electronics, this is a great alternative. The toy is made from high-quality, durable materials and even the plastic tub is made of tough PVC that won’t crack or break no matter how much the kids play with it. The tops can pop apart during the battle and the tub makes it conveniently easy to transport and store everything.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong, durable, and stable design
  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Exciting, vibrant, multicolor tops
  • Includes plastic tub arena
  • Ideal for kids six years and up

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9. Beyblade Burst Master-Kit

Beyblade Bey Master Kit

If you want to increase your level of fun when playing Beyblade, then these ‘burst’ tops are exactly what you need. They are designed to burst into many different pieces and if this happens within the battle, the other player is awarded two points.

All the components of this Beyblade burst top are interchangeable, which means that you can collect them and customize them to create your very own unique new designs. This set comes with everything you need to get started spinning and battling, including the string launcher, a Beyblade burst belt clip, and an Xcalius energy layer.

All these items are made under the Hasbro trademark and are subject to their standard of quality. If you’re looking for the ultimate Beyblade burst top, this could very well be it.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality master kit playset
  • Tops can burst into multiple pieces during battle
  • Comes with Beyblade burst string launcher
  • The Beyblade burst bey stadium is sold separately
  • Comes with a belt clip to keep the launcher close

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10. Beyblade Samurai Cyclone

Beyblade Samurai Cyclone Battle Set

If you’re ready for some heart-pounding Beyblade action, then this Samurai Cyclone battle set is the one you should get. It includes everything needed to start battling straight out the box. You will be able to capture moments from the popular program with this technology which includes cyclone-based data and two ripcord launchers.

There is even a unique Beyblade area for you to rock and spin battles to extreme new levels. Inside the pack, you will also find codes that unlock Beyblade tops as well as other core components on the Beyblade website.

You can create your own customized combinations and then save your creations in the virtual bey locker for you to use in online battles against Beybladers from around the world. If you want the top-rated Beyblade in the world, this could be it!

Highlighted Features

  • Samurai Cyclone battle set powered by Beyblade
  • Includes Cyclone Beystadium or arena
  • Comes with wings for stabilizing the spinning attack
  • Set includes two Shogun ripcord launchers
  • Easily switch from defense to attack mode

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11. Beyblade Burst Evo Switchstrike

Beyblade Burst Evolution Switchstrike...

This is a battle tower base that can flip between different player modes, each having two levels of multitiered battling. If you thought the game was already exciting, then this Beyblade burst switch strike set will take it to a whole new level for you.

You will be able to unleash exciting face-offs with tops battling from one level to another. Each of the modes features updated rules to earn points, transforming this game into an even more exciting version of the original.

The set includes everything you need to start battling immediately including the battle tower, two right spin Beyblade launchers, and the switch-strike battling tops. These toys are great for kids aged eight and up and you can be sure the toys will provide them with endless fun from the minute they tear open the box.

Highlighted Features

  • Top battle offers two or four-player modes
  • Offers exciting two-tiered competitions
  • Features five-point gameplay system
  • Easy to customize tops for a unique look
  • Set includes all necessary accessories for battling

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12. Beyblade Shogun Battle Set

Beyblade Fire Team Playset

If you’re into collecting and customizing your Beyblade equipment, then you’re going to absolutely love this set. The Beyblade Shogun battle set is one that comes with three steel battle tops that offer you the maximum tactical advantage.

You’ll be able to engineer the perfect top that’s customized to defeat your opponents by switching the different parts of your Ninja Salamander, Thief Phoenix, and Samurai Ifrit tops. Use your powerful ripcord launchers to set your warriors on the path to victory.

You can combine two warrior wheels from other tops to make your top heavier and give it double the metal power. In addition to all that, you’re able to take this pedal online if you want to thanks to the codes that allow you to launch into a virtual Beyblade battle anytime you wish.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes three different tops
  • Designed to offer the ultimate in power and speed
  • High-quality construction for long-lasting play
  • Competitively priced to offer the best value
  • Set conveniently includes two ripcord launchers

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13. Beyblade Legends Top

BEYBLADE Legends BB-99 Hades Kerbecs...

The Beyblade legends spinning tops allow you to collect and customize to your heart’s content. The Galaxy Pegasus is a five-piece top that has wing spin-track parts that push down in order to stabilize the spinning attack of this top.

It also has the right rubber performance tip which gives the top increased grouping power. The attack-type Beyblade top performs to perfection thanks to its design. It’s built to move very aggressively so that it hits opponents with as much power as possible.

If you’re searching for the ultimate in attack Beyblades, then this is undoubtedly one of the best options that are available to you on the market right now.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality legends top powered by Beyblade
  • Uniquely designed to offer the best stamina performance
  • Five-piece top with defense spike
  • Very affordably priced balance top
  • Interchangeable parts for easy customization

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14. MetalMaster Fusion Top

No products found.

This is a great toy that every kid will absolutely love. It’s priced at a very competitive level, making it ideal for gifts for every kid in your family. It comes with everything required to begin battling right away and these beys are great for battling other evolution beys.

It is the ideal beginner’s set for anyone who is just starting out. The tops are designed to be long-lasting and durable and will provide endless hours of fun for everyone.

These colorful tops come in very attractive packaging and the launcher is included as well. If you’re searching for the best Beyblades set to get started with, then this Beyblade metal fusion top set is a great one to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • The package includes the launcher
  • Makes an ideal gift for kids of all ages
  • Great set to begin collecting
  • Very affordably priced Beyblades set

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15. Beyblade Metal Fury Set

Beyblade Metal Fury Performance Top...

If you want stamina and defense in one convenient package, then this is the Beyblade burst product for you. This Legendary Bladers Descendents three-pack set of battle tops gives you the ultimate in fierce battle strategies.

This trio of Beyblade tops has a stamina column that helps to keep the spins going for much longer thanks to its sustaining vortex design. It also has defense capabilities that will allow you to stand up against even the most formidable of foes.

The wide performance tip offers amazing stability, and together all these features give you an unstoppable Beyblade burst top. You can also create stunning combinations of your own by switching the parts around.

Highlighted Features

  • Set includes three different mode tops
  • Includes two defense tops and one stamina top
  • Parts are interchangeable to create custom combinations
  • Comes with two ripcord launchers
  • Includes collector cards, instructions, and assembly tools

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16. Takaratomy Beyblade Burst Yamiterios Shadow Amaterios.0.X’ 

Takaratomy Beyblade Burst Yamiterios...

If you’re looking for a classic Beyblade with immensely powerful stamina, then the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst Yamiterios Shadow Amaterios.0X is the best to consider. With its great strength and stamina, this Beyblade spins with immense intensity and severity that makes it the best for attacks.

Its combination of Blue, Purple, and Gray colors is an impressive design upgrade that keeps it apart from the rest.

Unlike most other Beyblades, the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst is not made from one piece but instead from two separate pieces that merge.

This is evident when you inspect the top surface where you’ll find the Blue colored part sitting on top of the Gray part (the ring). There are five Blue balls and a Purple fierce cat on top that give the impression of an attacking Beyblade.

To give this Beyblade an exceptional balance and stamina advantage, Takara Tomy has increased its weight to 3 ounces and has designed the extreme driver with a rubber tip and a stiffer spring system to prevent it from being unlocked during an attack. So, if you’re looking for the best attack type Beyblade with great resistance, then you know which flavor to choose.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with a plastic top, metal disk, and both plastic and metal driver
  • Stamina type Beyblade
  • Blue, Purple, and Gray color combination
  • Doesn’t have stickers
  • Spring-loaded driver to prevent it from being unlocked

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17. BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vertical Drop Battle Set

BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Vertical...

Unlike the Takaratomy Beyblade Burst, the BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere is a more modern model that inherently makes it one of the best in the market.

The package comes with everything needed to start the battle which includes the two left/right launchers, the vertical drop Beystadium, and two battling tops. While most Beyblades come with either an attack or a defense type Beyblade, this model offers both a defense (Bushin Ashinda A5) and an attack-type (Ace Dragon D5) battling tops.

Now, why are the Hypersphere Beyblades so superior? Well, the main reason why these Beyblades dominate most battles is their ability to climb the vertical wall of the Hypersphere stadium. This strategy supercharges these Beyblades with immense energy and aggression that allows them to drop on top of their enemies with high intensity to make the battles more fun and exciting.

Earlier on, we mentioned that this model offers two Beyblades which are white and green Beyblades. The white Beyblade is the attack while the green one is the defense. To make the battles even more exciting, the GT chips can easily be interchanged with other right spin GT-chip tops to customize your gaming experience and win more battles.

Lastly, players have the chance to scan the code on their Beyblade burst tops to unlock the energy layers and compete in more than 15,000 real and virtual battles.

Highlighted Features

  • The package includes the Beystadium, two spin launchers, and two battling tops
  • The two battling tops are defense and attack types
  • The Beyblades are compatible with most GT-chip tops
  • There’s a dedicated Beyblade Burst App
  • Offers over 15,000 combinations to compete on

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18. BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Championship Clash Battle Set

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The BEYBLADE Burst Turbo is another Beyblade version that has taken the center stage in recent times. Just like our previous Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere, this one too comes with all the necessary gear required to make the battles more inspiring.

When you open the package, you’ll find the Beystadium, 2 left/right launchers, a record 6 Slingshock tops, and a notepad to record your championship events.

To prepare for an epic tournament clash, this game relies on the Slingshock technology that has been inspired by season three of the anime series.

By sliding the sling shock rails, players can unleash the full potential of the Beyblades to battle their friends as they climb up the league tournament. About the six Slingshock tops, you’ll find the Turbo Achilles A4, Roktavor R4, Air Knight K4, Wonder Viltryer V4, Dread Phinix P4 (all right spin), and Fafnir F4 (left spin top).

To strategize your play, each of the six Beyblades is designed to perform different tasks. For instance, the Turbo Achilles A4 is a balance type while Wonder Viltryer V4 is an attack type. The Air Knight K4, the Fafnir F4, and the Roktavor R4 are all stamina types while Dread Phinix P4 is a defense type.

Finally, this Beyblade game is equipped with a Beyblade Burst App that allows you to scan the code to access the battle league.

Highlighted Features

  • There are six Beyblades on the package (5 right and 1 left top)
  • There’s a tournament notepad
  • Slingshock rail system technology
  • Beyblade Burst App available
  • Best for kids 8-years and over
  • Beystadium and 2 launchers

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19. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Super King B-163

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Super King...

Finally, if you’re a Beyblade collector looking for a unique action-type Beyblade, then you’ll definitely appreciate the innovation of the Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-163. Unlike its predecessor, this one is an improved version that has brought a new attacking strategy to the table.

When you open the package, you’ll first be impressed by the looks that include a Gray, Red, White, Blue, and Yellow color combo.

As a right spin only, the Valkyrie EV doesn’t have a disk-like most Beyblades do. However, it only has the ring and the chassis which are merged to improve its performance. The ring itself (which is the Brave) is rubberized.

During attacks, the rubber on the wings tends to squeeze back then shoot back out whenever it gets into contact with an opponent Beyblade. This smart attacking strategy gives you a winning edge over your opponents.

Although this Beyblade suffers from stamina, the evolution dash driver is a great addition that makes it lethal in attacks. So, if you’re looking for an aggressive Beyblade that provides great combo and aesthetics, then the Valkyrie Beyblade is the best to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Attack type Beyblade
  • Comes with an EV dash driver
  • The ring has a rubberized layer
  • Right spin Beyblade
  • Unique Blue, Yellow, Red and Gray color combination

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Things to Consider When Buying Beyblades


Beginning in the early 2000s, after the show first came to the screens, Beyblades have only grown in popularity. Although these toys could be found virtually everywhere back in the day, these days they are not normally found in public.

You can easily find them online, but it’s important to check the design to ensure that you’re getting high-quality toys instead of cheap counterfeits. So look at ratings, overall popularity, originality, durability, customer satisfaction reviews, and more.

This will help you determine if the Beyblade you’re buying is exactly what you’re looking for. There are a lot of different criteria that you can use to evaluate the best-rated Beyblade to buy. We’ve listed some of them below for you to consider before making your purchase.

  • 1. Know your Beyblade Types

There are four types of Beyblades you’ll find today: attack, defense, balance, and stamina Beyblades. The one you choose ultimately depends on your personal preferences, but each of these four categories has its own benefits and downsides.

For instance, attack Beyblades move around the arena quite violently which means, therefore, they need to be of strong construction. Defense Beyblades, on the other hand, don’t move around much but rather spin around the arena waiting for the opponents to strike first.

Stamina Beyblades are designed to outlast the other player, and balance Beyblades other tops used for any one of these functionalities.

  • 2. Beyblade Systems

Beyblade tops comprise of 4 main parts, including the weight disk, the attack ring, the bit chip, and the blade base. Each part has its own unique function within the game. For example, the blade base is responsible for the movement of the bey while the chip is meant for decoration.

The units have evolved over the years and now include additional features like magnets to attract other tops. Some of the most popular Beyblade models you’ll find today have engine gear mechanisms – features that are used to influence the other player’s top during play.

  • 3. Beyblade Launchers

The top and launcher go together and in order for you to be able to play, you must choose the best Beyblade launcher to suit your game. Your choice greatly influences the outcome of each battle. The best way to ensure that you choose the right Beyblade launcher is to consider the features you want.

For instance, are you looking for enhanced levels of control? In such a case, you should get a Beyblade launcher with an ergonomic design and a firm grip. Such a launcher will allow you to easily execute power sliding shots and other awesome trick shots inside the game.

You have a choice between ripcord and string launchers. Ripcord launchers are the most popular ones you find today. They are operated by yanking a ripcord while string launchers are operated by pulling on an integrated pull string. The string then generates higher spin rates and a greater force than that of ripcord launchers.

The type of game you’ve chosen will also influence your launcher choice. For example, when paired with a string launcher, defense Beyblades are a lot more stable but stamina Beyblades generate higher spin rates.

  • 4. Beyblade Stadium

The stadium refers to the platform that you play your games on. There are many different manufacturers producing Beyblade stadiums which means that your options are quite diverse. Each offers something unique and you can choose according to the shape of the arena, stadium walls, and other features that you want.

Arena Shape – The shape of the arena is one of your main considerations when shopping for Beyblade toys because the shape you choose is going to influence the way your Beyblades move. Your arena shape is also dependent on the type of Beyblade you prefer.

For instance, attack Beyblades have square arenas that allow them to bounce around erratically If you were to put an attack Beyblade in a circular arena, then it would probably move around in uninterrupted circles.

Stadium Walls – Different manufacturers have different types of stadium walls to offer. For instance, some stadium walls feature gaps inside the walls which increase the chances of one Beyblade knocking the opponent out.

Other arenas have walls with penalty pockets, and so on. You can choose the ideal stadium walls according to the types of games you like to play.


Types of Beyblade


There are 4 types of Beyblades that you can choose from. We’re going to take a closer look at each of them below:

  1. Attack Beyblade

Also called the striker, an attack-type Beyblade has a flat tip that allows it to maintain better contact with the stadium. Because of this, it’s a lot more mobile and much quicker than other tips. Because of this massive speed, when this type of Beyblade comes into contact with others, it has a way bigger impact.

  1. Defense Beyblade

This one is also known as the defender and it has the heaviest build. It’s designed this way so that whenever the Beyblade clashes with the opponent’s unit, there is a much smaller impact on the Beyblade. It has around, smooth energy layer which makes it harder for opponents to grip them

  1. Stamina Beyblade

Also called the endurance Beyblade, this one has a thin tip to limit the friction between the blade and the stadium. This keeps them rotating for long periods of time when compared to all the other types.

  1. Balance Beyblade

Also known as the combination, this type of Beyblade is very important because it’s essentially designed to be a balance between the other three types of Beyblades. It combines all the features and this means that depending on your opponent, this Beyblade will either be stronger than the other three or weaker than the other three.


A Short History of Beyblade


Although most people are addicted to playing the Beyblade battle game, how much do you really know about its history? Well, this game is a 15-year-old multimedia franchise brand that was introduced in 1999 by a Japanese toy company called Takara Tomy.

The franchise revolves around high spinning tops called Beyblades that battle their opponents in a  Beystadium. Kids or adults who customize and launch the tops when playing are called the Bladers.

Although the Beyblade game was introduced in 1999, it got its inspiration from Beigoma, a traditional spinning top board game developed in 1968 by Ideal Toy Company. Its success came after a long struggle, especially after Takara’s two failed attempts to launch the Battletop and the Suge Goma.

In July of 1999, Takara’s first Beyblade, TheUltimate Dragoon, showed signs of success. To boost its success even further, Takara hired Takao Aoki with the key intention of developing a manga series based on their Beyblades.

The Bakuten Shoot Beyblade was developed as a result to play as a key marketing strategy where it was published monthly in a Japanese kids’ magazine, the CoroCoro Comics.

Soon after, on January 8, 2001, a televised anime series premiered which bared the same (Bakuten Shoot Beyblade) as the anime comics published in 1999.

This was another smart strategy by Takara to boost the popularity of the Beyblade toys across Asia. In 2002 and 2003, two more anime sequels followed which were the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 and the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: G-Revolution.

With immense success revolving around the Beyblade franchise, Hasbro, an American toy company, sought out License rights from Takara to introduce the Beyblade game to the Western market.

Here, the anime and the manga were translated internationally with the franchises, the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade, the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002, and the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade: G-Revolution being renamed to simplyBeyblade, Beyblade: V-Force, and Beyblade: G-Revolution respectively.

In 2004 and 2005, a steady decline in popularity of the Beyblade was evidenced. However, three and a half years later, in 2008, Takara Tomy released the first incarnation of the modern-day Beyblade that had a metal outer layer. It was named the Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

In addition to that, the anime and the manga were also completely transformed and unrelated to the previous versions. In 2010 and 2011, two anime sequels were also released, the Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion and the Metal Fight Beyblade 4D, to boost the popularity of the new Beyblade franchise.

From that time on, major improvements have been evidenced with the release of the Beyblade Burst series in 2015, Beyblade Burst Evolution, Beyblade Burst Turbo, and now the most recent Beyblade Burst Rise (also known as the Beyblade Burst GT).


How to Play Beyblade Game


Playing a Beyblade game is very simple. Just follow the steps listed below and you’ll have hours of endless fun with your Beyblade toys:

But first, Beyblade should always be played in a stadium, but don’t place the base stadium on tables or counters or any other elevated surface. Also, be careful never to lean over your stadium while the bey toys are spinning. It’s possible for toys to burst and this could cause serious injuries to your face.

  • The game starts after it’s a well-known signal, which goes: 3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!
  • Next, you launch your Beyblades. Remember, you are able to launch only one during each battle.
  • The game ends when one of the Beyblades is either not spinning anymore or has been knocked outside the arena.
  • When a player touches an opponent’s Beyblade, they lose a point.
  • When a player fails to successfully launch their bey in the arena, their opponent gets a point.
  • If playing in a stadium with penalty pockets, when a player’s top gets into one of them during the game, the opponent is awarded two points.
  • The player who has the longest spin gets one point.
  • If any player touches the arena while the game is on, their opponent is awarded three points and the game is over automatically.
  • This game can be played by up to four players and the first one who gets to seven points wins.


Specific Rules of Playing Beyblade


The specific rules for playing Beyblade are as follows:

Rule 1: The battle consists of two competitors who launch their Beyblades into the stadium after a referee gives the signal.

Rule 2: The end of the battle is signaled when one of the Beyblades stops spinning.

Rule 3: You can have only one launch for each battle.

Rule 4: One round consists of three battles.

Rule 5: If both Beyblades stop spinning around the same time, the referee can declare a tie.

Rule 6: If the battle is declared a draw, the winner is the one who has more points than their opponent.

Rule 7: If there are three tie battles in one round, additional battles can be played up until one player wins the battle. That player is the winner of the round.

Rule 8: If one player touches the base stadium or their opponent’s Beyblade during the battle, they automatically lose the battle.


Tips on How to Win the Beyblade Game 


There are a few helpful Beyblade tips and tricks every player needs to know if they want to dominate their next Beyblade battle.

Tip #1: Always read the materials included with each Beyblade top you purchase. These enclosed leaflets often show that particular top in battle and they offer a lot of helpful hints about things like attack types and launch angles that work particularly well for that Beyblade top. This is something that’ll give you a distinct edge over many other inexperienced players.

  1. Wait for the other player to launch their Beyblade first before launching yours. This way, you have a great chance of knocking their top out of the air and possibly even stopping them entirely from spinning.
  2. Carefully study your opponents. Whether you are going up against a new rival or you have never played Beyblade before, you need to pay close attention to how that person plays the game. Take a look at the types of Beyblades that they use in every match and have a plan to counter their defense, attack, and stamina strategies.
  3. Pull your ripcord fast. Whenever you are using defense-focused Beyblades, always make sure you pull the ripcord as quickly as you can. This is a great way of helping you endure the attacks from your opponents while dealing more damage to the other Beyblade. When done right, you may even be able to stop it from spinning or push it out of the base stadium entirely. After all, a good offense is the best defense.
  1. Keep an eye on how and where your rival spins their Beyblade. Watch their launch angle if they go first and make sure to aim appropriately in order to disrupt their attack or force them out of the ring. By watching where they are launching from, you’ll be able to determine where the Beyblade is going which means you can plan your strategy from there, whether it’s defense, attack, or stamina. This is a great way for you to score a few easy points.


How to Take Care of Your Beyblade


When it comes to caring for your Beyblades, there are a few essential care tips that you should know. It’s important to take the time to care for your toys because even though they are meant to destroy each other, that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible.

So even though a few scratches may give your favorite toy some character, good care will ensure that it continues to win battles for you for a very long time to come. Listed below are some tips you can follow to take care of your bey toys.

  • Although far from fragile, some of the components of bey tops are made from plastic which means that too much stress might weaken them. So avoid dropping, throwing, or stepping on any of your Beyblades.
  • Don’t use one launcher for your Beyblades, particularly the heavy ones, as this can destroy or wear out the mechanism inside your launcher. Instead, get several launchers that you can use alternately for the very heavy blades.
  • Launcher gears can get worn out easily through unnecessary use. This means that you should avoid pulling the launcher’s ripcord when you’re not launching your Beyblade.
  • Don’t launch your Beyblade on any hard surfaces like concrete as this will wear down the tip easily. Only play on base stadiums if you want to keep your tips in optimal condition.
  • If your Beyblade stadium experiences any damage, such as scratches or snaps, make sure you repair it immediately with glue or tape to ensure that the damage doesn’t worsen as your Beyblade performs battle. You can easily smooth over cracks with the same color nail polish.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Beyblade


Q1: Are Beyblades Educational Toys?

Beyblades aren’t educational toys, but they actually provide a lot of other benefits for your child. This game is a social one since it’s more fun for the kids to battle one another than to play it alone. This means that each Beyblade battle is an opportunity for your kids to enhance their socializing skills.

Beyblades have been incredibly popular since the kids show that began in Japan before making its way to America where it became an instant hit so these toys also make great conversation starters.

Q2: What Else Can Kids Do with Beyblades?

In addition to playing against each other, kids can also compete professionally in this game. Beyblades has grown so much in popularity that there is now an association that organizes the national Beyblade championships every year in Los Angeles.

Kids battle others from all over the country to win awesome prizes and awards. There are also some websites that have been created where kids can enjoy virtual Beyblade battles with others from around the world.

Q3: How Many Beyblades Do I Need to Buy?

It’s always recommended that you buy several Beyblades when you first get started with this game. This exponentially improves your overall experience with the Beyblades game. If you have at least four models and two bey stadiums, you will get to have a lot more fun and be able to compete with others at any given time.

As you’ve seen from our buying guide, they are different types of Beyblades for you to choose from depending on the types of games you want to play. However, it’s always a great idea to have the attack, defense, stamina, and balance so that you are ready to match whatever strategy your opponent comes up with.

Q4: Are They Any Other Toys like Beyblades?

Back in the day, there were toys that were very similar to Beyblade, called Beywheelz but they had tires that you placed on a handle then pulled a string which would send the tire rolling off into the distance. There were different tires you could collect with various speeds and trends. Although a lot of these games are no longer being produced, Beyblades has put a new spin on that type of game.


Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best Beyblade to dominate the competition, use this review and buying guide as your resource to help you pick the right one to suit your personal preferences. Our list of the 10 most popular Beyblade options on the market right now includes some that are high-quality, functional, durable, and affordable, too.

So whether you want a model that will spin for a long time or if you want a tough one that will withstand impact easily, or if you want one that’s designed to steal energy from your opponents, you will easily find a Beyblade to suit every need.

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