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The Best Electric Weed Eaters of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you do any kind of yard work, you know using and maintaining a traditional gas-powered weed eater can be frustrating. In fact, looking for an alternative may be what brought you to this article! Electric weed eaters are a fantastic alternative, but it can be hard to weed out the best electric weed eater. Fret not! We have done the legwork for you right here!

In this article, you will see the best of the best when it comes to electric weed eaters. Each product will have key features highlighted, and some general information to consider when shopping for electric trimmers. We will examine candidates for the best cheap electric weed eater, the best cordless weed eater, and more! By the end of the article, you should know exactly which electric weed eater will be best for you and your needs.

So without further adieux, let’s get started in finding the best electric weed eater for you!


Best Electric Weed Eaters: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Electric Weed Eaters Reviews:

1. DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer

DEWALT 20V MAX* String Trimmer,...


DeWalt is known for its quality line of outdoor products, and this brushless trimmer proves to be no exception. The weed eater head is a bump design for easy line spooling and supports up to 13 inches in cutting diameter. The motor boasts a patented gear design, letting it easily transition between 0-4,600 RPMs and 0-6,000 RPMs. What that means for you is consistent cutting power that will get through just as much brush as a traditional gas-power trimmer. Being an electric trimmer, you will never again have to worry about pulling cords to start the motor, motor maintenance, or the loud noises of a gas-powered trimmer engine.

This trimmer also includes a rechargeable 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium-ion battery and charger. You can also manage the power output with a high/low switch, letting you conserve as much power as you need through long trimming jobs. Finally, with a compact, light-weight design, DeWalt has made it easy for nearly any outdoor-enthusiast to easily beat away at pesky overgrowth and weeds. If you hate maintaining traditional mowers, need a lightweight trimmer option, or simply want to be more environmentally conscious, this DeWalt trimmer is a great choice.

 Key Features:

  • High/Low Switch for easy power management
  • Removable, rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • 13 in cutting diameter
  • Dual .08 inch line

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2. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer

No products found.


Black+Decker brings one of the most powerful electric weed eaters available on the market. With an included 40V MAX Lithium battery and a specialized PowerDrive Transmission, you will be hard-pressed to find another weed eater on the market that is able to produce as much power as this one. Not only is it a workhorse, but its Automatic Feed Spool means that you will not have to deal with frustrating line-head bumping on the ground. It will easily feed the line for use as long as the weed eater is running.

Its versatility does not end with its power or easy line-head. This weed eater can easily be converted into an edger by simply turning the shaft. No special accessories to complex set up required! Do you want to be able to choose between efficiency or power? This weed eater allows you to choose between MAX runtime (what lets the battery last the longest) and MAX power (as much power as it can muster to slice through thick and stubborn brush). Though this weed eater offers a lot of power and punch, it is still very lightweight (less than 10 pounds), making it an ideal choice for any kind of consumer.

 Key Features:

  • 40V Lithium battery
  • PowerDrive Transmission to help transition between heavy and light workloads
  • Automatic Feed Spool (no line-bumping needed)
  • Converts into edger simply by turning the shaft

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3. GreenWorks ST80L210 80V String Trimmer

Greenworks 80V 16 inch Brushless String...


This GreenWorks String Trimmer is going to be one of the best battery-powered weed eaters that you can find. It comes with a hefty 80V Lithium battery and has a potential run time of up to an hour. It is one of the longest-lasting electric weed eaters you will be able to find. There is more to this trimmer than just a big battery, though. It features a large cutting swath, up to 18 inches, which is nearly half a foot larger than many of the electric trimmers on this list.

GreenWorks also makes sure that this weed eater is easy to use, too. Its front-mounted design means that it is well-balanced and easy to handle, which is important for one of GreenWorks’ larger electric trimmers. The shaft can be split for compact storage, and then battery charges in just 30 minutes, meaning you can get back to work in no time! If you are already a fan of the GreenWorks line of electric outdoor appliances, then this electric weed eater will continue to please. You can even use the battery in other GreenWorks branded tools! New to the brand? Then you should definitely try this trimmer! It is one of the best electric weed eaters you can buy online.

 Key Features:

  • Fast-Charging Battery (recharges in 30 minutes)
  • 18 in. cutting diameter
  • Designed for balanced and ergonomic handling
  • 80V battery with up to 1 hour run time
  • Splittable shaft for compact storage

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4. Black & Decker GH900 Gh900 String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer, 6.5-Amp,...


Do you like the idea of having an electric weed eater but hate the idea of having to hassle with a battery? Black & Decker offers a great solution with one of the best corded electric weed eaters you can find! Since having a corded electric weed eater means that you would prefer the job not to be interrupted, this trimmer caters to that. You will find an AFS automatic feed system that continuously spools line as needed without having to bump the head to release more lines. The 6.5 Amp motor provides plenty of power to cut through most brush and grass that you may have around the house, and the Power Drive Transmission helps deliver power to get through the more stubborn brush exactly when you need it.

Since it is a corded trimmer, the unit is extremely lightweight. It is designed with ergonomic handles to make using it even easier. You can adjust the height and handle on the shaft so that it fits perfectly into however tall or short you may be. The trimmer head can also be flipped, instantly converting this trimmer into an edger. It is a great all-in-one solution for those looking for a corded electric weed eater.

 Key Features:

  • Corded
  • Automatic Feed System for trimmer line
  • Can be quickly converted into an edger
  • 5 Amp Motor
  • Lightweight, ergonomic

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5. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12'...


Versatility is the name of the game with this electric weed eater. It comes with two 20V Lithium batteries, which means you will never have to stop and wait while the battery charges. Simply use one while you charge the other! And even better, if you have other WORX electric appliances, you can use these batteries amongst them all! It also features a Command Feed Spool System, meaning that you can enjoy instant line-feeding without having to hassle with a bump-head design. Simply press a button when you need line dispensed and you will be good to go. And even better, this weed eater can hold up to 10 ft of .065 inch line at a time.

Continuing with the theme of utility, this trimmer can quickly be converted into an edger, and the spacer guard acts as an edger guide, too. At just 5.3 pounds, this is one of the lightest electric weed eaters you can get! If you find the handle is in an uncomfortable position, you can easily adjust it without the need to get your tools out or play around with any screws. If utility and versatility are your mainstays in an electric trimmer, you may find that this is the best cordless electric weed eater you can find!

 Key Features:

  • Comes with two batteries
  • Batteries are interchangeable amongst other same-branded products
  • Super Lightweight
  • Converts to an edger easily
  • Command Feed Spool System dispenses line at the touch of a button.

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6. Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion...


This Makita weed eater is another great petite option for those looking for an electric trimmer that is light and easily maneuverable. It has a cutting diameter of 10.5 inches, which is a bit smaller than most of the weed eaters on our list. However, though it may be small, it still does the job of tackling weeds and bushes, reaching upwards of 7,800 RPMs of cutting force. The shaft features a telescoping feature, meaning that it can be adjusted for just the right cutting height for the user. With just the turn of a shaft, you can also use this weed eater as an edger! With a battery attached, this weed eater weighs less than seven pounds, though it should be noted that this does NOT come with a battery or charger.

Though it is not included, the compatible battery is quite the tool in and of itself. It is available in four different capacities, anywhere from 5Ah to 2Ah. This gives you the option to spend as little or as much money on capacity as you want. It is a little more inconvenient to have to buy the battery separately, but if you have a small yard that only needs a bit of trimming, getting a small battery can save you a bundle.

 Key Features:

  • Extremely light, even with a battery
  • 5-inch cutting diameter
  • Easily converts into an edger
  • Telescoping shaft
  • Battery sold separately, but available in several capacities

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7. BLACK+DECKER MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger...


How about a Swiss-Army knife of electric trimmers? Black & Decker brings you a fairly unique product, combining mowing, weed eating, and edging all into one convenient tool. This corded appliance features a 6.5 Amp motor for maximum cutting power and an AFS automatic feed system that will work flowing smoothly without interruption. This electric 3-in-1 is able to go from mower, to trimmer, and to edger in just seconds. There are no complicated accessory attachments required, just a simple press of a foot lever is all you will need to do.

When in mow mode, you can choose between cutting at 1.6 and 2.4 inches, and all modes use the same trimmer line. It is lightweight, easy to push in mower mode, and easy to handle when being used as a weed eater or trimmer. Though, it does not come with an extension power cord. If you plan on trimming a decent amount of distance away from an outlet, an extension cord may be worth the investment. It may take getting used to, but this true 3-in-1 appliance could end up replacing all three of your related gas-powered appliances. This may be the best cheap electric weed eater out there!

 Key Features:

  • Can convert between being a mower, trimmer, and edger easily
  • Corded
  • 5 Amp motor
  • AFS feed system
  • Low-cutting height

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8. Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded String...


Greenworks is at it again with another great budget option for an electric weed eater. It has a powerful 10 Amp motor that feeds a thick .08 inch line, making it ideal for really getting through thick brushes. It has a large cutting swath, 18 inches, making it the perfect weed eater for whacking down a large clearing at once. It is one of the best electric corded weed eaters in terms of strength and cutting size. The cushioned grip makes this larger electric weed eater easier to hold and handle while you hacking away at brush and weeds.

However, this model is not all about brute force. It is attachment compatible, meaning that you can easily turn this trimmer into an edger and a number of other different accessories that you may need to tackle your yard. This includes making it a leaf blower, cultivator, hedge trimmer, and more! Attachments are easy to connect to the base of the trimmer, and you can bet that the 10 Amp motor will provide more than enough power for whatever yard-related activity you are trying to accomplish. If you want a powerful corded electric weed eater that can also double as a number of other yard tools, then this Greenworks trimmer is the perfect fit.

 Key Features:

  • Corded
  • 10 Amp motor
  • Compatible with the Greenworks library of attachments
  • 18-inch cutting diameter
  • Ergonomic and handles easily

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9. Remington RM115ST  Straight Shaft Trimmer/ Edger

Remington RM115ST Lasso 5.5 Amp Electric...


This snazzy corded trimmer is just what the doctor ordered if you need a budget-friendly electric trimmer that is also sleekly designed and versatile. Remington designed their trimmer with a duel-head line mount that boasts a 14-inch cutting diameter. The 5.5 Amp motor has been specifically designed for both light trimming and edging, which makes keeping any small yard looking good a breeze. The picture may have the trimmer looking a little short, but the telescoping shaft allows it to fit the frame of almost any potential user, and that same frame is easily collapsible for compact storage.

All you need to do to switch from trimmer to edger is simply turn the stabilizing handle and, within seconds, you are good to go! The upper handle also has an automatic line release, meaning you can spool a new line simply by pulling a trigger, not bumping required. If you have an especially thick brush or weeds, the power of this trimmer may not suffice. You will be hard-pressed to find a corded electric weed eater that is so budget-friendly while being so well-crafted and versatile.

 Key Features:

  • Corded
  • 14-inch cutting diameter
  • Duel-head line
  • Converts to edger quickly and easily
  • Budget-friendly

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10. CRAFTSMAN CMESTA900 Electric Powered String Trimmer 13 in.

CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer, Electric,...


For a simple, no-frills, easy-to-use electric weed eater, look no further than this CRAFTSMAN model. This corded electric weed eater will clean light brush easily with its 5 Amp motor and spooled .065-inch line. Though simple, this trimmer does feature an auto-feed system, meaning that you will spend less time bumping the trimmer head trying to get the line out and more time getting your yard looking manicured and beautiful. Its cutting diameter is 13-inches and the shaft can be twisted for a quick conversion into an edger. Why buy two tools when this simple appliance is a great two-in-one!

As is the case with many corded electric trimmers, this CRAFTSMAN model is lightweight and easily handled by most home gardeners. The trimmer comes with a spool with line, so as soon as you put it together and plug it in, you will be ready to go in no time! A word of caution, however. Should your trimmer head break, it is nearly impossible to get a replacement. You will instead be looking at buying a new trimmer. A small price to pay for having access to a simple, easy-to-use electric trimmer that even the most novice of gardeners can use and enjoy!

 Key Features:

  • 5 Amp motor
  • Corded
  • Single-fed .065-inch line
  • Auto-feed system for line
  • 13-inch cutting diameter

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Things to Consider When Buying An Electric Weed Eater


Guide Electric Weed Eater


As you can see, picking out the ideal weed eater can be a bit daunting. With all of these choices and more, how can you be sure that you end up with the best electric weed eater that meets your needs? Consider the following points when thinking about buying an electric weed eater to make sure that you do not just end up with a good electric weed eater, but one that is perfect for you!

  • 1.  Trimming Area

This is an important thought to consider for several reasons. For starters, if you are trimming over a large area, getting a corded trimmer, even if it is one of the best-rated electric weed eaters, simply is not going going to get the job done well. Likewise, if you go with a battery-powered weed eater, you need to be sure that the battery capacity is going to accommodate potentially large stretches of trimming. If you have a relatively small, confined space to trim, a corded weed eater might make better financial sense.

  • 2.  Easy Access To Outlets Outside

Even if you have a small trimming area, if you do not have a convenient place to plug in a corded trimmer, you are only going to end up frustrating yourself. A battery-operated trimmer with a low capacity could be a great fit for your lawn and your wallet.

  • 3. Uninterrupted

Spending more money on a weed eater with a larger battery makes sense if you do not want to stop and charge in the middle of a long trimming session. Likewise, it also makes sense to go with a corded trimmer option if the idea of having to accommodate charging time is not one that sits well with you.

  • 4. Power Source

This is one of the biggest reasons that so many commercial lawn-care companies have continued to stick with gas-powered trimmers. You are regularly not in a position to be able to plug a trimmer in or charge a battery that has run out. If you are trimming and traveling, it would be worth your while to buy extra batteries. Another option to consider would be investing in a trimmer that uses the same battery across several electric tools.

  • 5. Thick & Tall Brush

One advantage that gas-powered trimmers have over the electric variety is the power that they provide. If you are dealing with thick, stubborn brush, getting a low-volt weed eater is only going to end up frustrating you. If possible, corded electric weed eaters are a fantastic option for providing consistent power for getting rid of large bushes. You can also consider a battery-powered option that has a high-amp motor and high torque.

  • 6. Functionality

If the only lawncare activity you are planning on doing is weed eating, then you have a lot of options to consider. However, if you plan on activities like edging, cultivating, and others, consider an electric weed eater that has more functions built-in. This could be a trimmer that is compatible with a wide variety of attachments, or it could be a trimmer that belongs to a brand of appliances that share the same battery. Consider a multi-functional weed eater if you are wanting to do more than just trim.

  • 7. Compatibility

You could have the best battery-powered weed eater money can buy, but if the frame and battery are too heavy for you to handle, you are going to end up with a choppy looking lawn. Fortunately, there are several options to consider if this is a concern to you. You could consider buying a trimmer with a light frame to make up for the weight of the battery. Buying a trimmer with a smaller battery is also an option. If it works for your needs, corded trimmers are almost always the lightest variety because they do not have to include the weight of a battery. Be sure to take note of the weight of the trimmer before making a significant investment.


Types of Weed Eaters

Are you brand new to the trimming game? Maybe you are not familiar with the trimmer options that are available outside of these electric varieties? Fret not! The below list is a nice summary of the different varieties of weed eaters you can expect to see while shopping:

  1. Cordless Electric Weed Eater: The cordless electric weed eater will be powered by a removable battery (usually a lithium battery). They have a run time of anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on battery capacity and how vigorous the brush you are fighting is. Generally, they are quite expensive, as the bulk of the cost is in the battery. If the cost is prohibitive, consider a corded electric weed eater.
  2. Corded Electric Weed Eater: As the name implies, these are electric weed eaters that lack a battery. Instead, they are powered by being plugged into an outlet like any other electric appliance. They are pretty limited in their mobility (just as far as the cord reaches). However, you do not have to charge these tools, and they generally provide a little more cutting power than their battery-powered cousins.
  3. Gas-Powered Weed Eater: These are the classic weed eater. Powered by a gasoline and oil mixture, these tools require regular engine maintenance and can be difficult to start. However, they offer the most power of any kind of weed eater and are refueled much more quickly. After all, they just need to be refilled, not recharged.
  4. 2-1 Electric Weed Eater: A 2-1 electric weed eater is the kind that can be changed into a different kind of tool. The vast majority of 2-1 weed eaters are twisted at the shaft to be used as an edger. It is important to note that not all weed eaters are built to do this, so if the edging is something you plan on using the trimmer for, be sure to buy a model that accommodates this.
  5. 3-1 Electric Weed Eater: A 3-1 electric weed eater can be used as one of the three following appliances: trimmer, edger, or mower. They will come with a mower attachment that allows the head of the weed eater to snap in, allowing for an even cut of your lawn. These models of trimmers are not going to be ideal for tackling lawns with tall, thick grass, but can prove to be quite convenient for those with smaller, more manageable lawns.


Types of Weed Eater Heads

The function of the weed eater head could help you make a decision on the kind of weed eater you end up getting. The following are a few of some of the most common weed eater heads you will see:

  1. Single Line Spool: The trimmer line wrapped inside the head and spooled through a single hole. This is the most basic kind of head you will see.
  2. Duel Line Spool: The trimmer line is wrapped inside the head, but there are two holes for the line to exit from. This usually increases the cutting power.
  3. Bump Heads: Bump heads are heads that feed extra line out by “bumping” the bottom of the weed eater head on the ground, releasing more line.
  4. Auto-Feed: A trimmer with an auto-feed feature will automatically feed the line through the holes in the trimmer head, usually by a button or trigger.
  5. Universal Heads: Universal heads are replacement trimmer heads that are designed to fit on any model of trimmer. They usually offer some kind of special features, such as a unique line hold, easy-replace line, or others. Though they may fit any head, it is important to make sure that your trimmer is powerful enough to use it properly.
  6. Blade Heads: These are trimmer heads that, instead of trimmer line, have actual blades connected to the head. These greatly increase the trimmer’s ability to cut through the tall brush but require significant power to do so. Generally, you will only see this kind of head-on a gas-powered trimmer.


A Brief History of Weed Eater


Now, the weed eater, also known as the weed trimmer, whipper snipper, weed whip, weed-wacker, brush cutter, and line trimmer is among those discoveries that don’t have a long history. That’s because this power tool was discovered in 1972 by one George Ballas who was born and raised in Louisiana, in the United States.

If you peruse back in history, you’ll notice that most people have claimed to be the original inventors of the weed eater. Some claim it was discovered in England while others say its roots lie in Japan. The reality, however, is that George Ballas is the original inventor of this garden tool.

Now, the discovery of the weed eater came as a surprise just to say the least. That’s because, even though he invented the weed eater, George Ballas was not an engineer or someone with a technical occupation. Instead, he was just a property developer, a lecturer, a businessman, an author, and an owner of a dance studio (keeping in mind he had undergone dancing in military training when he was a teenager).

Now, the original concept of the weed eater rocked Ballas’s mind during the fall of 1969 when he went to pick a business friend from Houston Internal Airport. On their way back, Ballas thought of taking his car to an automatic carwash to get a rinse. While seated inside, he observed the smooth steady motion of the thin needle-like bristles of the brushes as they scrubbed his car. What surprised him most was how the smooth brushes scrubbed his car without compromising with the car’s paint job.

Since he owned a 3-acre piece of property located in West Houston, Ballas thought of how difficult it was for his gardener to maneuver around a hundred and something trees trimming grass on the edges using a lawnmower. Now, before this invention, people faced a lot of difficulties trimming grasses and weeds around obstacles. Most of them would use their hands which was not only time-consuming but also risky since kneeling down to trim the weeds would make you susceptible to garden snake bites, rodent bites, or attacks by wild animals.

It wasn’t after thinking long and hard that Ballas finally thought of applying the idea at the car wash to make a weed eater. In 1972, while at his home in Houston, Ballas thought of using a popcorn can, a thin fishing line and a motor from his old electric edger to see whether he could prove his instincts right. He punched a few holes on the popcorn can then tied the ends of the fishing line while keeping its length short.

Since he wasn’t the best mechanic, the resulting weed eater was way out of balance though it did manage to cut some weeds. To take his invention to the next stage, Ballas collaborated with mechanical engineers who used his idea to construct the string trimmer or the weed eater we use today. In 1977, Ballas made over $80 million in sales of weed eater before selling his company to Emerson in 1979. The company was then purchased by Electrolux, which sold its power tools division under the name Husqvarna.


Why Do You Need an Electric Weed Eater?

You may be reading this article trying to decide if an electric weed eater is right for you. Consider the following pros of owning an electric weed eater when deciding if it is right for you!

  1. Little to no maintenance: Gas-powered trimmers require regular maintenance. They are prone to clog, have fuel line problems, and more. If you do not like the idea of having to regularly tinker with your weed eater, an electric model is ideal. Since it is either powered by a battery or is plugged into an outlet, there is no real engine maintenance required.
  2. Less noise: Because electric-powered weed eaters lack a combustion engine, they are significantly quieter than their gas-powered counterparts.
  3. Lighter and easier to handle: Most electric weed eaters are much lighter than gas-powered ones, making them ideal for those who need a light, easy-to-use trimmer. You can get as light as just a few pounds, especially with corded trimmers.
  4. Cheaper to use: The cost of charging a battery or plugging a trimmer in is far less than buying gasoline, oil, and other necessary items needed to use and maintain a gas-powered trimmer.
  5. Easier to store: Most electric weed eaters are made to be compact and easily stored. This makes them a great choice for those that have limited garage space or no garage space at all.
  6. Easier to use: To start an electric weed eater, all you need to do is press a button. With a gas-powered model, you will need to prime the fuel, activate the choke, pull the cord, adjust the choke, pull the cord several more times, and hope you did not end up flooding the engine. Even the most novice of trimmer users can almost immediately begin using an electric weed eater.


How to Use an Electric Weed Eater Properly

If you have never used a trimmer, they can seem a little daunting. These easy-to-follow steps make trying to use an electric trimmer for the first time a breeze!

  1. Make sure the battery is at a full charge: If you are using a cordless trimmer, a dead or partially charged battery will end your trimmer spree quickly.
  2. Ensure the shaft is at a comfortable length: Most electric trimmers have adjustable shafts. The weed eater should feel comfortable in your hands and easy to hold.
  3. The guard should be pointing towards you: A guard will not block much if it is not in front of you! Be sure to adjust so it can appropriately protect you.
  4. Press the buttons in the right order: As a safety precaution, you will usually need to pull the trigger and then press a power button, or vice versa. If you do not press everything in the right order, your weed eater will not start.
  5. Wear safety glasses and be aware of your surroundings: Do not be lulled into a false sense of security because your electric weed eater is neither loud nor large. It is very likely that it will still kick up debris, which can cause serious damage to your eyes.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Weed Eater


FAQs Weed Eater


Q1: How long can I expect a battery-powered weed eater to last between charges?

This largely depends on both the capacity of your battery and how thick the brush is you are trimming. Most electric weed eaters will automatically kick into high gear if high resistance from the brush is detected. In general, batteries can last anywhere between 25 minutes to an hour. On average, you are looking at about 45 minutes in normal trimming conditions. If battery life is a concern, be sure to buy a model that has either a high-capacity battery as an option, a model that has spare batteries that are readily available, or consider a corded electric trimmer, which does not require a battery at all.

Q2: How long does it take a battery to charge?

Again, this will depend on your capacity. You can expect anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour or more for a full charge. Some models of electric weed eaters are built with fast-charging features, so you can expect significantly less charging time to be needed. On average, you are usually looking at 45 minutes for a complete charge. If charging time is a concern, consider buying a trimmer with spare batteries as an option, a corded trimmer that does not require batteries, or a trimmer belonging to a family of devices interchangeable batteries.

Q3: Can I exchange batteries between different electric weed eaters?

No. Different brands of weed eaters will have their own proprietary batteries that are not compatible with other brands. However, many brands use the same battery across a library of tools. Each of those tools can use the battery of another, which can be quite convenient, especially when facing long, challenging jobs. If you are looking to nab a battery from a different brand, you will be out of luck.

Q4: Do electric weed eaters need a special line?

No. Simply follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on the thickness of the line to use. It should be noted that, while they do not require a special line, electric weed eaters with weaker motors should not be equipped with thick, heavy lines. This will affect their ability to spin quickly, which directly reflects how well they can cut.

Q5: Can my electric weed eater be used as an edger?

Not all models of electric weed eaters are made to be used as trimmers. If they are, they can be twisted at the shaft or the handle can be adjusted to allow for easy edging. If you try to edge with a weed eater that is not designed for it, you are putting yourself at significant risk.

Q6: What attachments can I use with my electric weed eater?

The kinds of attachments you can use largely depend on the brand and model of electric weed eater you have bought. Some models do not have any attachments available at all. Others, while belonging to a brand with available attachments, simply are not compatible with them. If you are looking to use multiple attachments with your electric trimmer, be sure to buy the brand and model that specifically has them available.


Final Verdict

There are a lot of great options to consider when trying to find the best electric weed eater for you. Between corded and cordless, battery options, attachment options, it should be clear that there is no one perfect electric weed eater for you. Instead, you will need to assess your specific needs and match them with the electric weed eater that best meets them. If you are at a complete loss of where to start shopping, the electric weed eaters on our list are a great place to start shopping! Thank you for reading and good luck trimmer hunting!

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