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Strongest Beyblade Characters

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Anime has been a staple of world culture since the late 20th Century. Even in the 21st Century, anime is still as popular as ever across the planet. With top anime series, like Pokemon and Ruby, Beyblade characters are some of the most popular around.

Starting at the beginning of the 2000s, Beyblade became a fantastic anime series that created a great following. Originally, the Beyblade series released a toy line and created a craze from fanatics all over the globe. Lovers of Beyblade could battle, build, and collect these toys to match up against other Beyblade enthusiasts.

Today, the series is still extremely popular. By taking nostalgia to a whole new level, Bladers can enjoy this series like never before with the great debate of who is the strongest of all Beyblade characters. You might have your thoughts on the subject, but we are going to give it a whirl. Let us see how your list matches up with the 10 strongest Beyblade characters ever created from the series.


Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Characters

01. Tsubasa Otori


Tsubasa Otori


A protagonist for the Metal Saga series is Tsubasa Ootori. This blader has one of the calmest heads around. Tsubasa will never jump to conclusions, but will rather be patient and let the fight come to him. Formerly, Tsubasa worked for the WBBA as a secret agent. The goal for Tsubasa was to find out the Dark Nebula mysteries.

As one of the most intelligent bladers around, Tsubasa is also a kind soul. No matter what Beyblade characters that come his way, Tsubasa will treat them with respect and dignity. Whenever Tsubasa battles, you will see his perceptive style that is quite confident, too. Adaptivity is another quality trait of Tsubasa as well because he uses his senses to reign victorious.

Tsubasa owns an amazing blade called the Earth Eagle 145WD. This is a balance-type sword that is ultra-powerful. When matched up with wind abilities, Tsubasa is almost unstoppable. With a strategic mindset, Tsubasa uses his brain to take out opponents. By heading into darkness, Tsubasa has a well-round perspective of the world, even though it severely affected his health. Along with his rise as the president of the WBBA, Tsubasa should be a part of the list of 10.


02. Chris




Another legendary blader that needs to be on the list, or it would be a travesty, is Chris. The Four Seasons’ Winter Blader is as confident as they come, sometimes too confident. Toughness is also a quality that Chris bestows because of his difficult background. Chris can be hired for work at any time. His blade of choice is the phantom Orion B:D. Since the blade is a stamina type, Chris can take on any attack that comes his way.

Because Chris is so reliant on his skills, as a super-strong blader, that he can be a negative on the battlefield. But, amongst his friends, Chris is the best of the best. He makes the top-10 because of yearning to be a better bladder, as well as the way he saved the world from Nemesis.


03. Ryuuga Kishatsu


Ryuuga Kishatsu


Also called the Dragon Emperor, Ryuuga Kishatsu is the antagonist of the Metal Saga. As the most powerful Dark Nebula Member, Ryuuga Kishatsu is one of the most legendary bladers on the planet. Ryuuga Kishatsu is connected with the Four Seasons Summer Blader. At the beginning of his story, many thought Kishatsu has merciless and striving for power any way he could get it. However, he only terrorized other Bladers because the forbidden Beyblade had consumed him wholeheartedly.

Once Ryuuga Kishatsu was released from the evil powers, he began to fight for himself and not for evil. Kishatsu has owned 3 attack Beyblades with the elements being darkness and fire.

Ryuuga Kishatsu is on this top-10 list because he has only ever lost 2 battles, winning the majority of the time. Even in defeat, other bladers had to whip up powers from others to take him down. If the battles were one-on-one only, Ryuuga Kishatsu would always win. With a track record like this, Ryuuga Kishatsu has a vast knowledge of fighting that no one can touch.


04. Ginga Hagane


Ginga Hagane


Ginga Hagane is another one on the top-10 list that you should be aware of. Hagane is the representation of autumn with the Four Seasons. When it comes to Beyblade types, Hagane is the World #1 Blader. But, when it comes to his personality, Ginga Hagane is a calm soul. He lives to protect his friends and works to be kind wherever he goes. This is the kind of friend that everyone wants.

Ginga Hagane has a deep connection with Beyblading, and he strives to keep going, even in the toughest of battles. During his run with Beyblading, Ginga Hagane has used 4 different blades to his advantage. All of these blades have been attacking style weapons.

His signature ability, the Pegasus, is a powerful wind action that allows Hagane to stay in any battle. With his amazing strength, both mental and physical, Ginga Hagane has gained his powers from every Blader across the known world. When it comes to battles, Ginga Hagane has easy surpassed a winning record and has saved the world on 3 separate occasions. Along with beating Rago, what can’t Ginga Hagane do? There is more than meets the eye with this Beyblader.


05. Kai Hiwatari


Kai Hiwatari


A great protagonist from the original Beyblade series is Kai Hiwatari. By owning one of the sacred Bitbeasts, Hiwatari is as powerful as they come. His Bitbeast, Dranzer, has won him many a battle. The blad, in particular, uses fire to aid in abilities and skills.

When it comes to Kai’s personality type, he focuses on justice and pride with whatever he puts his mind to. On the outside, Hiwatari can look a little rough around the edges, but deep, deep down, he is very caring. If you were first to meet Hiwatari, he would come off as a distant character who cares about himself rather than anyone else. But, over time, Hitwatari would learn to trust you and become friends. That is the kind of person Kai truly is.

When it comes to the battlefield, Hiwatari is comfortable in his surroundings. He is confident in his craft and sacrifices things for the good of the game. Kai is an emotional player, who shows it when battling. Hiwatari even beat the great Tyson one vs. one. Even though darkness consumed him, Kai overcame evil and grew even stronger.

As one of the greatest Bladers in its history, Kai Hiwatari needs to be on this list. With a powerful battling technique and strength to beat, few can stop this man. Additionally, with a heart of gold Kai might even up being your favorite character.


06. Rago




Rago is on this list for a few reasons. First, he is the primary antagonist of the series Metal Fury. Scary! Rago is also described as Nemesis’ child. Even scarier! Being sinister and dark is an understatement when it comes to Rago. He enjoys defeating opponents and watching them suffer. With ruthlessness in battle, Rago will destroy everything in his path.

Most fear Rago for those reasons previously stated, but there is also an aura around him that others thing he is unstoppable. By controlling Nemesis, Rago has unlimited power. When it comes to Rago’s blade of choice, the Diablo Nemesis X:D is the model he uses. As a balanced blade, this weapon has an ability called Armageddon that you do not want to mess with.

What Armageddon does is simple. It creates a vortex that annihilates enemies. Additionally, it wipes out the nearby environment, too. This is a deadly blade that few have tried to counter. Since Rago can only lose if the Bladers unit, we believe he should be on this list for his unmatched power.


07. Takao Kinomiya (Tyson Granger)


Tyson Granger


Takao Kinomiya, or referred to as Tyson Granger, is a blader beast. This blader can be impulsive when he makes decisions. But, over the years, you do see Takao mature into a great fighter and person. As a professional of Beyblading, Takao won 3 championships in a row, and can barely be beaten. His blade is also one of the 4 sacred Bitbeasts called Dragoon.

Dragoon controls the wind, so you might want to get out of Takao’s way. With everything that transpired in the Metal Sage, Takao could go head-to-head with any character and probably come out on top. A great attribute of Takao is that he learns from his mistakes. With the experiences he has gained from battling, Takao knows what being a Blader is all about.

As a valiant Blader, Takao deserves legendary status, intimidating opponents, and being successful. Even though he is a kid, do not be fooled. Takao is a fighter that should never be crossed. Because of this, he deserves to be on this list for the aforementioned attributes above. If Takao is not on your list, you should rethink your decision-making.


08. King




Being named “King” is appropriately named for a Beyblade individual. As a Solar System Blader, King is as legendary as they come. He is even personified as the planet Mars, which is super cool.

Since King is passionate about Beyblading, you can bet that he takes pride in his battling techniques. Now, King might come off a little cocky but do not let him trick you. He is a loving, king character, who other Bladers gravitate to. Also, when it comes to the battlefield, King only wants to compete against the best of the best. He wants to get better himself, so King takes on the top-notch competition. King is even known to make friends during a battle, which is not every character’s forte.

King was born in the country of Greece, and no one before and since has seen a stronger blader than the King himself. At one time, King even lost his blade because others thought he was too dangerous.

The blade King owns in the Variables D:D. It came to him one day when King was having a bad time. This occurred right after his battling rights were revoked. How ironic! As a symbol of destiny, King worked back to being a legend when he took down Masamune. Even after the contest, the great Masamune complimented his abilities.

With his epic fighting style and the way he gloats, King is a fun character on this list. His reverse rotation is one few Bladers can exemplify, making King have God-like capabilities.


09. Kyouya Tategami


With only 2 more characters to go, Kyouya Tategami deserves to be on this list. As a protagonist for the Metal Saga, this Blader is a member of the Four Season Bladers involving Spring. When it comes to personality type, Tategami is quite arrogant. With a wild personality, some have a hard time with Kyouya.

When it comes to his battling technique, Kyouya will launch attacks with a drop of a hat. No second thoughts ever happen with Kyouya. His rash decision-making is quite ignorant, yet effective. But, as the series continues, we see Kyouya mature and starts to make wiser choices.

As it pertains to competition, Kyouya is a rival of Ginga. To help combat this powerful character, Kyouya uses his Fang Leone 130W2D blade. This defensive bald has air-based powers that are a sight to see.

Kyouya should be on this list for his strength as a fighter. With a competitive outlook, Kyouya’s passion for competition is unparalleled. He will go to great lengths to win. But, even in defeat, like when he lost to Ginga, he has taken out a lot of mighty characters. Beating Damian Hart was one of Kyouya’s finest moments, as he took down the 2nd place world champion.

With a track record like this, it is easy to see why Kyouya is on this list. Give Kyouya a chance to wow you, and you will see why as well.


10. Ryo Hagane


Ryo Hagane


Ryo Hagane, the father of Ginga, is the last one to make the top-10 list. Ryo is known as Phoenix, the Blader who is masked. During his time, Ryo has owned a few blades, but none was more potent than the Burn Fireblaze 135MS model. As a stamina blade, Ryo is said to have whipped out opponents into ashes. Quite terrifying if you ask us.

Before the Fireblaze, Ryo owned the Storm Pegasus blade. As a father would do, he passed it down to his son. How sweet! At one point, Ryo was even the president of the WBBA. Because of this, Ryo may be the most renowned character in the Beyblade series.

Think of Ryo as the great teacher to all the great Bladers that have ever lived. It is a deep passion that makes Ryo elite. He even beat his son in a head-to-head battle to teach him the lesson of Blading. Along with being the first Blader to own two blades, Ryo is a must on this list.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have wrapped up our top-10 Beyblade list, how do our lists compare? Even if we do not have the same list, we can both agree on one thing. Blading is awesome and should be passed down for generations to come, whether it be for friends, family, or complete strangers. Ask others about their list and keep the Beyblading tradition alive for years to come.

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