How to Launch a Beyblade

How to Launch a Beyblade: A Short Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

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If you’re reading this short guide, then it means you’re either someone curious looking to learn about Beyblades or you’re a parent with stubborn kids who keep asking you about how to play this spinning game. Either way, this short guide has everything you need to know about this popular Japanese spinning game including how to launch a Beyblade.

Now, for those who’re not well acquitted with this beautiful game, a Beyblade is generally a simple spinning game that’s played by two players going head-to-head.

The game is played inside an arena with each player choosing three of the best spinning tops which are used one at a time. Each top has its own unique features such as colors and anime characters which help you to differentiate them during the match.

Just a quick note, some of these beys you’ll come across include;

  • Attack/striker: are usually strong, sturdy, and spin with a lot of agility around the stadium to make lethal attacks.
  • Defense blades are gentle and usually spin in parallel motion at the center of the stadium waiting to be attacked.
  • Stamina blades: are also known as endurance beys. They spin the longest and are usually used during long battles when you need to attack a strong defense.
  • Balance blades have a rounded design and are usually used for defense purposes against many different beys.

Now, the rules of the game are simple as points are awarded to your opponent in case your bey spins out of the stadium or it bursts (commonly referred to as Beyblade burst).

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Parts of a Beyblade

In most cases, Beyblade tops come in a ton of different accessories that can be swapped and upgraded depending on the type of play. Here are some of the components that make this historic spinning game a fun endeavor.

  • Beyblade: also known as the energy layer, this is the topmost part of the Beyblade that gets to contact with the opponent. It’s also the part that represents you as a player.
  • Middle disk: also known as a forged disc, this is a metallic layer just below the Beyblade top that affects the weight and also helps to stabilize your Beyblade during an active match. This metallic disc can be swapped depending on the level of difficulty as it comes in different shapes and weights that can determine the outcome of a match.
  • Driver: also known as a performance tip, this is the component that gets to contact with the stadium. It also comes in different shapes that can have a significant role in the speed and stamina of your Beyblade.
  • Launcher: this is a small device that a player holds when getting ready to launch.
  • The stadium: this is a small plastic bucket that serves as the arena where players can launch their Beyblades during battle.

How to Launch Your Beyblade

Now that you know much about Beyblades, the next step is to learn how to launch these spinning tops. For you to become an expert in demolishing opposition Beyblades, you need to know how to launch the Beyblade in different techniques. Here are seven of the most common launching styles.

Parallel Launch

When launching a parallel launch, the launcher should be parallel to the stadium and stable without making any movement. This technique is usually used by stamina and defense type of bey tops as it allows them to spin at the center of the stadium in a defense motion.

However, this launch style can be used with attack tops though it’s risky as attack tops have high movement tips that cause them to spin at the edges of the stadium in a circular motion.

Due to this circular motion, an attacking top can lose its momentum really fast making it slower than the opponent’s blade in case of a collision. For that reason, this style is not recommended for attacks.

Sliding Launch

This is an attack launch that’s usually a bit tricky to learn. In this launch, the launcher is held at an angle of about 38 degrees. Releasing the launcher causes the blade to spin in a flower pattern movement. This attack strategy causes the attacking blade to collide more often with your opponent’s blade. It also allows the attacking blade to use every ounce of power to attack and defeat the enemy.

Banking Launch

This type of launch is quite similar to the sliding launch though it’s not as lethal as the former. It’s actually a regular attack strategy that involves angling the launcher near the stadium before launching. This launch type also triggers a flower spinning pattern though it’s often weaker than the more lethal sliding shot.

Weak Shooting

This launch style is quite similar to the parallel launch. However, it requires you to catapult in a slower motion by angling the launcher slightly above the stadium. By releasing the launcher, the stamina bey (which is the most recommended here) spins in an irregular pattern keeping you safe against aggressive attacking-minded opponents. So, if your opponent is using an attacking strategy, this is the best launch to avoid being hit.

Flash Shoot

In this launch style, you simply place the Beyblade with the tip parallel and near the stadium floor. By launching the bey from a point nearest to you, you create a high-speed circular movement that’s both fast and strong enough to knock out enemy Beyblades that are found on the way. This style is usually launched using attack Beyblades as it’s a lethal attacking strategy.

Unbalanced Launch

This launch style is more of a general launch style where you’re free to use any bey. Here, you aim the launcher at a 50 degrees angle towards the stadium floor. By launching, the bey spins in a semi-pendulum motion into the opponent’s bey.

Snipe Launch

This is our last type of launch style which also happens to be the riskiest as the outcome is not predictable. Here, you simply perform a delayed launch (though don’t delay beyond the stipulated launch time). In between the delay time, you tend to predict your opponent’s launch style and cause of direction to determine how fast and effective you’re going to knock them out.

Although this launch style is extremely difficult and risky to perform, the results can be fruitful as it can result to a fast and effective victory if the odds fall in your favor.


So, if you’re looking to enjoy the Beyblade game and dominate the competition, this short guide has discussed seven imperative launch styles that will definitely make a difference. By combining each of these techniques with the right Beyblade, you will definitely dominate your opponents and become the best candidate in the leaderboards.

For parents with curious kids around, this guide will serve as a point of reference especially when they need to learn how to defend, attack, and balance the game.

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